Accounting for architectural firms

ANKPAL helps in handling all your finances, giving you time and space to run your architect business with no hassle. Accounting is no longer a headache.


New Way of Accounting

ANKPAL gives you the perfect online platform to organise and review your finances digitally.


Improve Efficiency

ANKPAL allows you to integrate various management tools and automatically generates reports depending on your project progress.


Information Security

ANKPAL ensures all sensitive information about your clients, material inventory, money transactions, etc., remain safe.


Cost Reduction

You no longer have to rely on multiple platforms to manage all your accounting aspects. ANKPAL gives you a single platform for all accounting needs.

Stay on Track with ANKPAL

ANKPAL is the most efficient architecture business accounting software. It lets you maintain a record of all your finances so you can focus on your project designs. You can also collaborate with your teams, stakeholders, and clients to make project management more efficient.

Easy to Use Interface

The ANKPAL software has a simple and easy to understand interface to streamline your processes.

Access Anywhere

Our cloud-based system allows users to operate their finances through a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Pack of Financial Services

ANKPAL hosts an experienced team of accountants that will help your firm comply with Tax Filing, Company Law, Foreign Direct Investment, FEMA, etc.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Dashboard for Experts

All accountants and auditors have access to a unique dashboard where they can review their client's finances. Users can consult the accountants regarding all accounting issues.

Invoice Generation

Make sure you have your invoices ready on time to submit to your clients with ANKPAL. You can customise your invoices according to your firm's designs.

Easy Expense Management

Use our architect accounting software to manage your expenses to finish your projects within the estimated budgets. Keep a record of all new and recurring expenditures on one platform for easy analysis.

Recover Receivables on Time

ANKPAL helps you maintain a record of all the pending receivables and accelerate the recovery process for unpaid invoices.

Precise Inventory Records

Streamline your project development process by staying updated on your material inventory. You can set up reminders to replenish your materials and check their condition in real-time on ANKPAL.

Intelligent Analysis

ANKPAL generates automatic reports to help you analyse and understand your accounting patterns to help you predict and fix any discrepancies in your processes.

Hasslefree Taxing

Our team of expert accountants make sure your monetary transactions fulfil all the GST requirements. Create your GST profile easily and connect all the relevant transactions.

Maintain Tax Compliance

Our intelligent software ensures all your transactions comply with the regulations set up by the Indian Ministry of Finance for tax and accounting.

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