Charitable trust accounting software in India

Charities face unique accounting problems that require appropriate solutions; charitable trust accounting software in India is the ideal solution. ANKPAL helps streamline your accounting process while meeting the financial standards set by the Accounting Standards Board.


Organising Funds

ANKPAL helps you manage small to large donations from various sources efficiently. With multi-currency support, you can collect donations from all over the world.


Automatic Receipts

A donor's trust is crucial for the financing of a charity. With ANKPAL's help, you can generate proper and automatic receipts of the donations made that the donor will receive automatically.


Real-Time Management

Using the best trust accounting software in India, you can organise your expenses and funds accounts hassle-free from whenever and wherever you want.


Report Generation

Tracking your charity's progress has never been better. ANKPAL generates an accurate report of every donation received and expenditures made.

Organise With ANKPAL

ANKPAL's charitable trust accounting software in India is a cloud-based programme that you can access from any digital platform without compromising data security.

Unparalleled Financial Services

The financial services provided by our team cover all your accounting problems. We offer unique solutions for all crucial accounting processes while complying with the Indian accounting regulations.

Easy User Interface

Using the most efficient charity & nonprofit accounting software in India, you can effortlessly navigate multiple funding accounts and keep an eye on all crucial accounting aspects.

Secure Software

The end-to-end encryption used by our software ensures that all your donor information, programme budgets and other financial information remain safe with you.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

The All in One Platform

ANKPAL offers an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to consult with professional auditors and accountants for all your financial problems. You can now review all the expenses, incomes, invoices, etc.

Generate Professional Invoices

Customise your invoice with ANKPAL to generate accurate and fast e-invoices for your donors. The accounting software lets you set up automatic invoices, upload them on the IPR directly, and verify every invoice to avoid inaccuracies.

Track Every Expense

Manage every little transaction with the help of ANKPAL. You can maintain a record of all expenses and attach the respective bills associated with them.

Swift Receivable Collection

Lagging collection of donation pledges and membership dues can delay the cash flow. With ANKPAL, you can maintain a proper account of all the receivables to ensure timely recovery.

Maintain a Reliable Inventory

With ANKPAL, you can manage all non-currency donations and keep track of any purchases made (of items to be donated). The inventory provides an accurate detail of the stock conditions, amount, and cost, along with images.

Progress Analysis

ANKPAL maintains a record of all your transactions and provides and offers an analysis based on the patterns. The records will help you assess your organisation's progress and let you evaluate how to advance your cause.

GST Filing Made Easier

Register and file for GST return with a few simple steps while you let ANKPAL deal with the complex stuff. We compile all your taxable transactions and approve them for easy filing.

Regulate Your Tax Accurately

The apt accounting software helps you comply with the latest Indian tax and finance regulations to make your transactions legitimate. ANKPAL informs you if a transaction is not in compliance with the rules and makes changes accordingly.

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