Best church accounting software in India

There are many ways in which Ankpal makes accounting easier for you. With access to the records anytime and anywhere, your work is already simplified.


Convenient Usage of Software

Convenience is an essential factor when it comes to being the best church online accounting software in India. We enable you to assign all the money to different programs, funds, or committees in an easy manner.


Create Your Team

On Ankpal, you can add your team and access them from anywhere. This way, your volunteers, employees, and your accountant can be in touch throughout.


Keep track of the Donations

Donation collection and recording could not be any easy. You can receive online donations through credit and debit cards. Record all the donations under a tag or assign them to a specific fund.


Bank Syncing Feature

Be aware of all your expenses and cash flow by syncing your bank with the software. You can manage your donations and funds easily, without weekly visits to the bank. 

Ankpal makes the cash-flow management of your church easier!

Accounting is all about management. Keeping a record of all the expenses and cash flow in the books and managing the payroll. We handle all your end-to-end financial services from scratch.

Recording Payables and Receivables

We record all your account payables and account receivables. Our team of expert accountants help you manage every penny.

Supervise Cash-flow

Inspect your general ledger and locate the areas of expense and profits. Understand the financial reports and see if your business is on track.

Pay Bills and Run Payroll

On Ankpal, you can schedule your bill payments for utilities and pay your employees and contractors without hassle.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

User-Friendly Dashboard

Ankpal’s dashboard is easy to handle and helps you monitor all the aspects of your business. You can track all the donations and funds coming in and going out.

Smooth Invoicing

Create invoices and pay bills on time to your vendors with Ankpal. Have an organised account of all your invoices on the software.

Track your Business

We help you supervise all your expenses and give you an overview of the business sustaining in the church. This helps you plan for saving.

Record Receivables

Locate bills that are unpaid and prioritise their payments to avoid any cash flow issues. Make all the payments with accurate data recorded in the software.

Meticulous Management of Inventory

With ANKPAL, you can record all the details of your stock and vendors. Not every church online accounting software in India offers inventory management.

Tax Compliance

Make GST filing and tax compliance easier with Ankpal’s accounting software for churches. We ensure the filing is done with precision.

Easy Report Generation

Automate reports for all kinds of the audience with an easy-to-understand presentation. These reports help take better decisions for your business at church.

Government Compliance

We are the best church accounting software in India because we make sure all your transactions are complying with the legalities so that your mission is uninterrupted.

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