Clothing accounting software

Take control of your money with Ankpal. Now, get an edge on your competitors with concise reports, asset allocation, basic accounting, and portfolio management.


Easy to use and implement

With Ankpal, you don’t have to worry about any complicated procedures. Our apparel accounting software is made in such a way that anyone can install it as well as use it hassle-free.


Inventory management

Ankpal can help you allocate raw materials efficiently to have minimum wastage and avoid unnecessary expenses.


Conversion of foreign currency

When importing and exporting, foreign currency is involved. Ankpal’s conversion program can help you draw exchange data quickly.


Customer membership programs

Ankpal can draw up new plans for customer loyalty programs that would be beneficial for you as well as the customers within minutes.

Run your business efficiently with Ankpal

Ankpal is a one-stop solution to all your accounting and invoicing-related troubles. Ankpal is a garment store accounting software that automates accounting and makes it hassle-free while allowing detailed tracking of financial transactions and near-instantaneous reporting and analysis.

Strategic portfolio management

Ankpal has a team of experts, including CAs, investment bankers, and financial analysts who can manage as well as help your money to grow.

Customized according to your needs

The Indian economy, its practices, and laws differ from foreign countries. Ankpal can help you run your business efficiently while ensuring compliance

Easy access

While using Ankpal’s software, all you have to do is click on a few buttons, and you can have a detailed report of your data.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Hassle-free billing

Ankpal helps in the faster generation of bills which makes your money-making process much smoother and faster.

Track your payments and receipts

You should be aware of how much money you are spending on raw materials, machinery, land, etc. Ankpal is an apparel accounting software that can track all your business-related expenses.

Smooth management of customer accounts

Ankpal helps in the creation of customer profiles and simultaneously creates customer dashboards that help in the management of customer accounts and can be accessed anytime.

Inventory management implementation

Give Ankpal all the details about your inventory. The size, weight, color, wattage, etc., and let it handle the rest. You can monitor the data and make business decisions accordingly.

Practice receivables management

You must practice receivables management because it is the system of ensuring that the invoices are paid by the customers. Ankpal is here to make sure your invoices are turned in on time.

Quicker access to all

Ankpal creates weekly, monthly, quarterly as well as yearly reports for you. You can access these reports, study them and formulate a business strategy accordingly.

GST filing and enforcement

GST involves a lot of intricacies. Ankpal makes sure that timely returns are filed and that the business runs according to Indian rules and regulations.

Handling legal matters

Ankpal has a compliance officer solely to keep your legal matters in check. We make sure all your transactions fit in the framework provided by the Indian government.

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