Food accounting software

Every food business needs to turn a profit and control its costs. ANKPAL also acts as a fast-food accounting software list assets and liabilities to track profit and loss.


Budget management

ANKPAL's food truck accounting software manages your costs by collecting, reporting, and paying sales tax faster.


Get insights

Restaurants need a thorough analysis of profit and loss reports and performance and make the necessary adjustments suitable.


Manage Professionally

A customizable invoice and proposal template to streamline repetitive billing and invoicing tasks make your business more professional.


Ace your bookkeeping

You can devote more time to run your restaurant as an ANKPAL record and process business transactions through bookkeeping.

ANKPAL grasps your accounts with ease

The cloud-based accounting software handles your organization's accounts with speed and utmost security. Moreover, you can view your account details anytime and anywhere.

Consolidates Indian Economy

The platform adheres to the Indian rules and regulations strictly. Furthermore, total customization of accounts is operated on regards to the Indian economy.

Handles your finances

GST, Tax Filing, Company Law, Foreign Direct Investment, Bookkeeping Start-up Mentoring, and many more financial services are provided by ANKPAL.

Convenient Billing

The software generates invoices and tracks payments. This way, by reducing paper-trail and increasing efficiency, ANKPAL swiftly carries such functionalities.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Consolidated dashboard

ANKPAL provides a consolidated dashboard to view your financial record anytime and anywhere. A team of expert CAs manages your accounts with speed and utmost security.

Faster project billing

Avoid manual struggle to generate accurate invoices for each and switch to fast and secure E-bills through ANKPAL.

Regulate your finances

Daily expenditures and keeping track of your expenses become more straightforward with bookkeeping software like ANKPAL.

Accurate inventory management

Prevent over-stocking and dumping by holding readily available documents. To maintain inventory levels, ANKPAL makes simple reorder points.

Guided analytics

ANKPAL keeps a check on your company's accounting trends to help you make effective decisions for your business.

Timely GST filing

According to the law, GST filing and enforcement of proper rules and regulations become easy with ANKPAL.

Regulate receivables

Avoiding overdue receivables and recording all periods of the collection is swiftly done by accounting software like ANKPAL.

Regulate your taxes

With ANKPAL, Tax Filing, Company Law, Foreign Direct Investment, FEMA, and Start-up Mentoring become hassle-free.

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