Educational institutions accounting software

Make accounting less troublesome for your educational institution. ANKPAL'S educational institutions accounting software helps you manage all the information concerned with any bank transactions, student fees, or any other expenses.


Simple to use

Reviewing all the transaction records and reports becomes easier when you have ANKPAL's user-friendly platform.


Automated invoicing

ANKPAL's automated invoicing and payments ensure that you pay teaching and non-teaching staff and vendors right on time without any delay in the process.


Programmed Report Generation

Get instant reports such as trial balance, balance sheet, etc., when you enter necessary metrics and save time on processing.


Convenient maintenance of records

With ANKAPL, you can maintain the records for various monetary years with an undeniable degree of safety and exactness and access it anytime and anywhere.

Thrive with ANKPAL

Keep your records easily accessible and enjoy increased productivity with ANKPAL's accounting software for educational institutions. Being a cloud-based accounting application, our software allows you to access records with swiftness and security anyplace, anytime.

Meet all your needs

ANKPAL's services cover every accounting need you may have. From bookkeeping to GST compliance, we offer it all.

Safe financial solutions

ANKPAL gives you an uncommon blend of accommodation and security, one that you can test with your information.

Custom fitted for Indians

ANKPAL makes accounting easier while catering to the Indian laws and regulations.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Specialists perspective dashboard

Our dashboard is loaded up with a few financial measurements and details required. This dashboard additionally allows you to counsel specialists like CAs on an ongoing premise while uniting various parts of your institution in one spot.

Swift receipt generation

ANKPAL automatizes processes like creating E-receipts, eliminating the concern of paper receipts. Now verify transactions and schedule invoicing with ease and convenience.

Legitimate record preservation

Handle fees, expenses, cheques, passbooks, transfers, deposits, and money withdrawal all from one place using ANKPAL, the best educational institutions accounting software.

Timely collection and acknowledgment

ANKPAL helps screen your fee payments cycles, guaranteeing on-time payment of receivables without battling with late fee charges and monetary issues consistently.

Comprehension and analytics

ANKPAL software offers insight and creates different sorts of custom reports for simple dynamics. The accounting software permits the administration to make exact choices with the assistance of computerized reports dependent on facts and figures.

Precise stock administration

Through stock administration, ensure that your mass requests of books, desks, or other items are kept up without being overloaded, guaranteeing no misfortune is caused. ANKPAL allows you to keep up your inventories effectively through accurate records.

Tax regulation guidelines and assistance

ANKPAL's institutions accounting software keeps a tab on current assessment guidelines and exchanges as investigated according to the laws. We give full tax documenting and consistent support over the span of your institution's life.

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