Accounting Software for IT Company

For any multinational company, ANKPAL's Accounting software for IT company is an ideal companion for a well-organized finance department. You can manage data by viewing, updating, or exchanging it instantaneously.


Modern and time savvy

ANKPAL guarantees timely and precise maintenance of your accounts and keeps the finance department punctual while reducing excess paperwork.


Payroll Management

ANKPAL's IT company accounting software ensures a smooth system, including your company's expenses to employees' salaries.


Data Security

Anyone, including your contenders, may want your company's data. ANKPAL helps maintain the total protection of your data.


Real-time Interaction

When you have to collaborate with people or firms across the world, ANKPAL brings real-time interaction from around the globe at ease.

Be Systematic with ANKPAL

ANKPAL is one of the most effective ways of handling accounts of an organization. Being a cloud-based accounting application, it enables easy access to your accounts while ensuring speed and security.

Bound for Indians

ANKPAL lets you manage your finance department with efficiency while adhering to Indian rules and regulations, making it trusted and safe.

Encrypted financial data

Being cloud-based software, it comes with end-to-end encryption for guaranteed data security and convenience.

Digital accounting made easy

ANKPAL's smartphone app helps to digitize your financial data making it more user-friendly. No matter where ever you are, the app is always there to keep an eye on.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Instant payslips

Say good-bye to paper receipts. Create digital payslips for employees with accurate details and amounts in no time.

Manage the company's profit and losses

Keep a track record of each transaction taking place within your company to avoid any negligence, which may result in losses.

Tax & policies support

Stay updated with the new tax and regulations and ensure compliance with the same with ANKPAL's daily updates.

Trusted expert dashboard

Manage all your company expenses, dues, salaries, reimbursements, etc., through one dashboard. You can also get real-time expert advice whenever you need it.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Avoid any kind of human errors or delays in records of your company's resources. Always ensure correct data on time with ANKPAL.

Prompt GST filing

GST applying has never been easy without ANKPAL. Keep all your company's records clean and sync them with the GST profile.

Timely Collection and Transactions

Stay away from any hassles regarding cash collection, dues, or penalties by maintaining timely records.

Improved Analytics and Statistics

ANKPAL helps maintain proper and analytical reports of your MNC. By this, you can understand your company better and work on generating more profits in future.

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