Best School Accounting Software in India

Accounting is one of the most gruelling and crucial tasks performed by a school. ANKPAL is a one-stop platform for all your accounting tasks such as profit regulation, monitoring expenditure, and controlling money flow.


Efficient Management

Our advanced accounting software allows you to manage fee processing, keep track of expenses, and other transfers according to the organisation, student, or teacher profile.



By quantifying budget planning, ANKPAL allows a school or institute the flexibility to grow and adapt to change, which in turn increases profits.


Easy Pay

ANKPAL helps channelise the payment process and bill collection through accurate payment tracking. You never have to worry about delayed salary or bill payments.


Reduce Human Error

ANKPAL reduces redundancy in record maintenance and cancels out human errors in calculating and totalling accounts.

Progress With ANKPAL

ANKPAL is the perfect accounting software for small private school accounting. Schools can keep track of all financial records and transactions from anywhere seamlessly and save money and resources through automated and accurate reports.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

ANKPAL allows you to access your accounting data from any digital platform. Its smartphone app provides seamless management rights with only a few clicks.

Data Protection

Manage all your financial data without compromising on security. The cloud-based architecture of ANKPAL provides a secure accounting management system with end-to-end encryptions.

Designed For The Indian Economy

Take advantage of the most efficient accounting software that ensures your finances comply with the tax and accounting rules set by the Indian Income Tax Department.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Dashboard for Expert Opinion

ANKPAL offers a unique dashboard for all authorised accountants and auditors for faster processing. Clients can interact and share data with professionals in real-time.

Faster Invoice Generation

Reduce your paper trails by producing precise e-bills for courses, training materials, and other educational tools.

Extensive Expense Records

Categorise all new and recurring expenses with ANKPAL to streamline your accounting practices. Keep track of stationery and other educational materials without the need for manual data entry.

Easy and Accurate Management

Avoid over expenses and material wastage by maintaining proper inventory records on ANKPAL. You can monitor the inventory levels, schedule pre-booking, and check for material condition whenever necessary.

Monitor and Collect Receivables

Make sure you do not lose any pending receivables by keeping track of all unpaid invoices with ANKPAL. Maintain a record of all receivable cycles and overdue collections.

Analyse Accounting Patterns

With a streamlined workflow and automated consolidations, ANKPAL reduces the time and inefficiency in education finances. It generates automatic reports and provides an analysis of growth by understanding your accounting patterns.

Simple Tax Filing and Return

Create a GST profile and link all your transactions with a few simple steps. Keep a record of all e-bills and make sure your transactions have appropriate tax rates.

Support for your tax compliance

Ensure you stay up-to-date with the recent tax regulations with ANKPAL's help. Let us do the complex work and scrutinise every transaction; so you stay on track with the accounting and tax rules.

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