Wholesale accounting software in India

ANKPAL is the current go-to platform for every business. Being an affordable and easy-to-use platform, it allows clients to easily update, access, and share data on a real-time basis for consultation.


Data security

Keeping in mind the sensitive nature of client’s data on the platform, ANKPAL provides you end-to-end encryption for maximum security. Our platform is the safest way to go!


Business growth

This wholesale accounting software for distributors is a proficient way to satisfy customer demands by recording and understanding sales patterns. By doing this, we assure you of ways to grow your business steadily into success.


Inventory management

Easily maintain your stock and avoid dumping by the first-in-first-out method. ANKPAL will let you create frequent reorder points and help manage your inventory.


Costing and transaction

ANKPAL is the right accounting software for wholesalers as their diverse business leads to frequent transactions and unorganized data. We cover all records of sales and purchase to maintain a proper cost sheet history for future references.

Stay sorted with ANKPAL

ANKPAL is a unique method of managing accounts for your wholesale business. Track your expenses, save incredibly, and scale your business with our accounting software for wholesalers.

Digital accounting

The digital nature of the app allows auto-reconciliation of business parties that are registered on ANKPAL with the API integration system.

Secure financial services

ANKPAL’s top priority is your convenience and data safety. Our platform is as secure as it can get and stores your data safely.

For Indian wholesales

ANKPAL is equipped with Indian accounting practices and laws, making it a perfect wholesale accounting software in India

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Expert opinion dashboard

Our dashboard is filled with several finance metrics and information required. This dashboard also lets you consult experts such as CAs on a real-time basis while bringing together different aspects of your business in one place.

Rapid bill generation

ANKPAL has created automated processes such as generating E-bills, removing the worry of paper receipts. Our platform securely manages your transactions, allowing it to automatically generate a bill.

Proper record maintenance

Wholesale accounting has many challenges, mostly revolving around the volume of orders and keeping a proper record of it. Meanwhile, ANKPAL keeps a record of every purchase made and every expense that occurred, allowing you to kick back a little

Prompt collection & realization

ANKPAL offers services to monitor your collection cycles, ensuring a timely realization & payment of receivables without having to struggle with late payments and cash flow problems regularly.

Accurate inventory management

Through inventory management, make sure that your bulk orders are maintained without being overstocked, ensuring no loss is incurred. ANKPAL lets you maintain your inventories easily through your records.

Insights and analytics

ANKPAL tracks your business decisions along with the method of accounting and its patterns you use. Our software provides insights into your success in order to make you realize your triumphs and losses, making way for informed business decisions.

Timely GST filing

Non-compliance with GST is something that no one wants to get themselves into. ANKPAL allows you to track your GST level by syncing your transactions on a daily basis. Our platform allows you to comply with the rules thoroughly.

Tax regulation & support

ANKPAL’s wholesaleaccounting software for distributors keeps a tab on current tax regulations and transactions as scrutinized as per the laws. We provide full tax filing and compliance support throughout the course of your business.

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