Best Accounting Software for Small Manufacturing Businesses

Accounting for manufacturing businesses is made simpler and quicker than ever with Ankpal. Our capable accounting software can send invoices, keep track of your Inventory & Production, and assist you in keeping up close watch on Order Processing.

  • file Accurate financial Reporting
  • file Batch & Expiry wise Production & Inventory Management
  • file Real-Time E-way bill and E-Invoice
  • file Branch wise Accounting & Inventory Management
  • file Role-Based dashboards for cash flow forecasting

Boost your manufacturing business like an expert with Ankpal!

Gateway to move your Manufacturing & Distribution Business Forward

With Ankpal, you can precisely track every action, from the acquisition of inventory through the sale of finished goods.


Multibranch Order Management

Ankpal helps you save your valuable time preventing the need to enter and manage data on different platforms. Analyze the performance of the best performing branch at your fingertips, while you are on the go.


Comprehensive Inventory Accounting

Ankpal is centralized inventory software with 100% ERP integration and powerful reporting capabilities. Focus more on growing your business and let Ankpal streamline your business like never before.


Relevant Reports

Utilize sales reports to gain crucial information about your top-selling products and consumer payment patterns. Avoid dishonest tactics, look for mistakes, and keep a close eye on your manufacturing & distribution business operations.

Our touch-base in the Manufacturing & Distribution Sector

Chemical Manufacturer
Beverages Manufacturers
Oil & Ghee Suppliers
Paint Manufacturer
Books & Stationery
Cement & Concrete
Hardware & Plywood
Tiles & Marbles
Electronics & Electrical Shop
Home Appliances
Mobile Phone & Accessories
Ice Cream
Drinking & Packaging

Integrated Cloud Accounting Software Designed to Ease Your Manufacturing & Distribution businesses

Using an all-in-one cloud accounting solution manufacturers can perform simple accounting, invoicing, and payment procedures. With Ankpal, manufacturing business owners can easily generate unmatched effects on their distribution channel.


Materials Import Management

Ankpal offers the crucial statistics for direct materials imports as well as the accounts that completely show all the products your company sources. For your manufacturing company, getting a bird's-eye view of how direct material is used over time might be useful.

  • Accurate purchase tracking
  • Analyze raw material costing
  • Track manufacturing efficiency

Inventory Management

Ankpal provides precise closing balances for financial reports like the balance sheet by its new-edge features and tools. Additionally, it gives an advantage in terms of effectively controlling and managing your inventories.

  • Manage your inventory
  • Never run out on supplies
  • Real-time inventory adjustments


Ankpal assists businesses with many facets of revenue recognition in the form of payables and receivables securely so they can run their operations efficiently.

  • Track invoices easily
  • Reduce DSOs by debtors
  • Generate e-invoices in seconds


With ANKPAL you can easily import your Payroll Data and Manage Employee wise ledger instead of Single Entry for Monthly Salary. Keep payroll records, track employee life-cycle activities and automate processes like reimbursement effortlessly.

  • Ensure compliance
  • Generate reports
  • Remunerations management

Stock Management & Corrections

Record inventory movement between warehouses, stock loss, raw material usage, and finished goods production—all from a remarkably straightforward interface.

  • Inventory supplies to channels
  • Raw material tracking
  • Production data
Stock Management

Document Management

Manage all your business documents at one place. Get information regarding your business accounting anytime, anywhere. Ankpal helps you organize all your documents, hassle-free, ensuring no loss of data.

  • Customized data extraction
  • One-click reports generation
  • Access reports on any device


You can assign division and role based user access and even give each of them a certain role. Make several warehouses to store the inventory. Depending on your business needs, you could also refer to them as a store, location, or godown.

  • Easily add/remove users
  • Cloud access from anywhere
  • Multi-device compatibility

GST E-invoice

The Ankpal software is e-invoicing compliant, enabling you to adapt to the latest GST requirements. Switch to swift and automated e-invoicing through Ankpal for cost-effective operations.

  • Address critical gaps in data reconciliation under GST
  • File GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, swiftly
  • Track invoices at one place
  • 100% error-free internal audits

Mobile Accounting

Operate and access your business finances on any browser and any internet-connected device, anytime and anywhere.

  • Gain instant business insights
  • Maintain effective payables tracking
  • User-friendly interface that automates, predicts and advises

A Robust Software Supporting the Expansion of Your Manufacturing company


Accelerator of Manufacturing Business

Ankpal can benefit your company in countless ways and provide it a competitive advantage to stay at the top of the market. Take full advantage of Ankpal to increase the efficiency of your company.

  • Bill of Materials
  • Branch to branch transfer
  • Batch & Expiry Management
  • Batch Costing
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Accessible and Trustworthy Financial Updates

You can rely on your financial information to be reliably updated to a centralized database with manufacturing accounting software that is integrated with payables/receivables data, minimizing the risk of human mistake and assuring trustworthy accounting throughout the unit.

  • Fraud Avoidance
  • Data protection
  • Ensured adherence
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Transform Your Business with Most Trusted Accounting Software

Accounting software that empowers your business at an affordable price. Switch to the most personalized and cost-effective accounting management software.



Package Price

Suitable Enterprise NON-GST

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  • No of User 1
  • No of company 1
  • No of Branches 1
  • No of Products/Services 500
  • Max Invoices 1200

    (Sales + Purchase + JV)

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₹ 10,000 + GST

Package Price

Suitable Enterprise MSME

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  • No of User 2
  • No of company 1
  • No of Branches 1
  • No of Products/Services 3000
  • Max Invoices 12000

    (Sales + Purchase + JV)


₹ 20,000 + GST

Package Price

Suitable Enterprise MSME

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  • No of User 10
  • No of company 3
  • No of Branches 5
  • No of Products/Services 10000
  • Max Invoices 90000

    (Sales + Purchase + JV)


Haresh Gauswami

Quadrant Techno Pvt. Ltd

Managing accounting for me was tough since I don't belong to the field, and hiring an accountant was not an option as I was just getting started with my business. That is when a friend suggested adopting Ankpal. My company's A to Z accounting tasks are now efficiently handled by Ankpal.

Haresh Gauswami
Quadrant Techno Pvt. Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

We love to solve your queries and assist you better!

You will be able to track actual production costs and employ various cost accounting techniques that are appropriate for your manufacturing & distribution industry with the help of best cloud accounting software.

Ankpal can be used by individuals who are not accountants, yes. The development of Ankpal has both non-accountants and accountants in mind. Ankpal is one of the straightforward accounting programmes for manufacturing enterprises.

Web, iOS, and Android are all supported by Ankpal. so, there are no barriers stopping manufacturing companies from using the Ankpal effectively.

Yes, as mentioned above, the free trial of Ankpal's cloud accounting software for manufacturing companies can be used for 14 days.

At Ankpal, we take the security of your data incredibly seriously. Our servers are kept in a top-notch data center that has been accredited and is constantly watched upon. We promise that all of the most recent security updates have been installed, and our software is continuously being checked for any threats.

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