Inventory Management Software in India

A smart inventory management system that makes it simple, and intuitive to manage your company's inventory across various locations.


Seamless Inventory Management Software

Manage your inventory processes and conveniently keep track of your stock to determine which products are most in demand.

Analyze Product Demand

Maintain an inventory log, connect billing to the log, and track stock demand periodically. You can easily import product details too.

Attribute Wise Arrangement

Preserve stock of items based on aspects like size, color, and style, etc. The additional properties listed with an item are known as parameters.

Monitor Stock Batchwise

Keep track of item information per batch, such as the batch number, production date, and the date of expiration.

Industries That Use Inventory Management Software


Wholesalers and Distributors

We make sure you are aware of the status of your bulk inventory at all times. Easily foresee any inventory shortages and anticipate in real-time for best inventory management.


Electronic Store Owners

Ankpal Inventory Management Software makes it simple to monitor the availability of products, inventory levels, and item movement for your electronic store business.


Automobile Businesses

Discover how well specific automobile products are selling by running inventory management reports for your automobile business. Easily synchronize inventory and logistics.


Healthcare Business

Ankpal helps you with planning materials’ demands and automates your purchase and restocking operations. Manage inventory batch wise, and get detailed reports on inventory expiring soon.


Retail Shop Owners

The key to your retail shop’s success is ensuring that your inventory isn’t much or too less. Assess what's available and what you need to order right away with the inventory management software.


Lifestyle and Fashion

Ankpal helps you with planning materials’ demands and automates your purchase and restocking operations for your lifestyle and fashion business. Easily track real-time stock levels.

Robust Features of Inventory Management

Maintain orders effortlessly
Seamless inventory monitoring
Real-time inventory management

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