Accelerated Bharat 2020 finalist Ankpal: A startup aiming to simplify accounting

Mar 31, 2021
Accelerated Bharat 2020 finalist Ankpal: A startup aiming to simplify accounting

Ankpal was announced as one of the finalists of Accelerate Bharat 2020 in the financial inclusion sector. This comes after being recognised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade of the Government of India as a startup and private sector company in the financial technology industry and accounting sector.

The startup industry is experiencing a revolutionary change with innovative and transforming ideas. Startups and entrepreneurs have contributed a lot to the economy and society. With unique proposals, they are set to change the view of our country. Most startups are emerging in the technology sector with online-based operations. One such terrific startup is Ankpal. Ankpal is cloud-based accounting software, modifying the way every financial activity is conducted.

Accounting has always been a task for many institutions and organisations. With elaborate and vast data, it can be a great burden. Ankpal is software that aims at making accounting easier for their clients. They claim to provide exceptional security of data and effortless functioning of the accounting system. Ankpal’s software helps you manage your accounts and eradicates any inclusion of paperwork or manual labour.

The founders started Ankpal when they personally started facing problems with tasks like filing of returns, business analytics, and data management. They thought of developing software that would be a common interface between accounting and filing. Both the founders were a part of IT Development and Marketing at Sanket’s former business. They are aware of all the inconveniences faced during managing accounts and thus started Ankpal.

With the world becoming digital in all aspects, the developers of Ankpal thought of making accounting digital as well. One of the advantages that the software offers with its digital facet is the availability of data anywhere and anytime. The user will be able to access the data whenever they want and look through their business transactions.

Features of Ankpal

As online accounting software, Ankpal has a lot in store for companies or institutions that are looking for easier online accounting. Their software is user friendly and easy to work with. Other than that, the software also offers the following:

  • Reports: The user will be able to generate reports of the financial statements and transactions to present in meetings or for any other purpose.
  • GST: The reason for its emergence was tax filing. They offer tax compliance services and tax filing services with negligible efforts.
  • Inventory: They offer inventory management services as well for trading companies.
  • Dashboard: They have developed dashboards for each user, from where every action can take place.
  • Receivables: As accounting software, it ensures proper receivable cycles and collections.
  • Invoicing: Invoice processing and verifying transactions with E-way bills.
  • Compliance: Pertain to the tax regulations and laws set by the Government.
  • Expenses: Meticulous recording and management of expenses. They can be categorised as well, with Ankpal.

Pricing Packages on Ankpal

On Ankpal, there are three pricing packages to choose from at your convenience. They aim at making Ankpal approachable in terms of pricing as well. The packages one can purchase are:

  • Basic (Free): 2 GSTN companies can be registered, and 3000 invoices can be sent. Inventory management and document management up to 10 GB is provided. For renewal, Rs. 8000 have to be paid.
  • Standard (Rs. 4,999): 3 GSTN companies with 5 multi-state branches can be registered. Basic services like E-bills, automated invoice, GST filing, and document management up to 20 GB is provided.
  • Enterprise (Get Quote): 5 GSTN companies can be registered, and unlimited invoices can be sent, with unlimited addition of multi-state branches. This package offers all services.

Ankpal uses SaaS-based Accounts and Tax compliance Software for swift recording and maintenance of accounts. It assures to help its users in compliance with GST, TDS, Income Tax, and Company Law provisions.

Ankpal attracts an audience through features like end-to-end financial services, zero paperwork, quick processes, and software suiting the Indian economic environment. Their target audience includes corporate companies, institutions like schools and churches, the construction sector, and all other enterprises where accounting is inevitable.

Ankpal’s accounting software service can be obtained through their official website, where all kinds of packages are available, and information related to every facet can be attained. The software is useful for accountants and CAs, as well. They can assign various companies to their staff using this software. With all financial aspects at reach, Ankpal has been able to stand true to its motive of the establishment.

Ankpal is a team of accounting professionals with 20+ CAs. With basic and advanced accounting services, they even offer bookkeeping, GST consulting, financial analysis, and company incorporation. Over the years, they look forward to making the chore of accounting much easier for every company and contribute to the growth of their client’s business. 

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