How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for your SME Manufacturing Business

May 29, 2024
How to Choose the Right Accounting Software for your SME Manufacturing Business

An accounting system reveals your company's financial situation. For manufacturers of all sizes, calculating profits and keeping up with books of accounts is essential to monitor the state of the business's finances. As a business grows, it struggles to deploy the right technology and manages large volumes of accounts. That's where the role of a cloud-based accounting software comes in.

Let's explore the importance of accounting software for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, and essential features to consider.

Role of Accounting Software in Manufacturing Businesses

Accounting software improves the efficiency of tasks like billing, payroll, and expense tracking, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. In terms of inventory management, it monitors the inventory levels, manages the movement of stocks, and proper coordination of the supply chain to avoid situations where a certain product is out of stock or where many are stocked beyond reasonable demand.

For cost accounting, the software provides insights into production costs, overhead expenses, and profit margins, supporting cost optimization strategies. Moreover, it also helps to improve the financial decision-making capabilities as it provides updated figures on the organization’s financial performance and other relevant and useful indicators when making subsequent strategic decisions.

Key Features to Look for in Accounting Software for Manufacturing Businesses

Inventory Management Integration:

Integration with inventory control applications for the supply chain that ensures optimal stock, and control.

Cost Accounting Features:

Advanced cost accounting functionalities to analyze production costs, overhead expenses, and profit margins.

Multi-currency Support:

Support for multiple currency transactions to enhance the foreign operations and globalization of businesses.

User-friendly Interface:

Most of the ERP software for manufacturing companies’ promises intuitive interfaces and customizable dashboards for quicker navigation and custom user experience.

Security Features:

Robust security features like data encryption, access controls keep sensitive financial data safe from unwanted access.

Choose the right accounting software for SME Manufacturing Businesses:

Small Manufacturing Businesses:

Look for easy to use, affordable solutions with basic features that best suit your small scale operations.

Medium-Sized Manufacturing Businesses:

Go for flexible solutions with advanced inventory management, cost accounting and financial reporting features.

Large Manufacturing Businesses:

Go for large scale accounting systems or customisable packages which can manage complicated processes and large transaction volumes.

Benefits of Accounting Software for Manufacturing Businesses

1. Streamlined Financial Management:

Financial processes are automated and financial information is available in real time, which makes the system efficient and error-free.

2. Enhanced Decision-making:

Up to date information on production costs, inventory positions and profit margins from across the supply chain helps in effective decision making and business strategy formulation.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency:

Integration with inventory control systems and lean work flows streamline the entire supply chain and bring down operational costs.

4. Scalability and Customisation:

Scalable systems support growth and dynamic changes, while customisable options help fit solutions to unique business requirements.

5. Accessibility:

Mobile access to financial information and applications from various devices.

6. Cost effectiveness:

No initial hardware purchase costs and lower IT maintenance overheads.

7. Scalability:

Flexible subscription models and scalable Cloud infrastructure to support business growth.

8. Data Security:

Strong encryption technologies and secure data centers with multi-layered security measures ensure data protection and compliance with regulations.

Budget Considerations

While evaluating and shortlisting accounting software, businesses should look at both the initial costs as well as the recurring costs in the long term such as subscription fees, implementation costs, and any likely customization costs. The total cost of ownership and the ROI should be assessed to arrive at an appropriate decision.


Selecting the right online accounting software in India is a fundamental business decision specifically for the SME manufacturing industries affecting the outcomes of efficiency, productivity as well as profitability. Hence, it calls for analyzing the relevance of accounting software, comparing factors such as features, benefits, cost etc., when selecting an appropriate software, which contributes to error-free financial process, efficient decision making and strategic management of enterprises.

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