Why You Need to Implement Fixed Asset Software

Nov 15, 2021
Why You Need to Implement Fixed Asset Software

Most of the time, business owners believe they do not require having a fixed asset register software because they think they can count assets at their fingertips. However, they forget that when the business grows, business assets keep on adding regularly and hence it gets challenging to track and manage them orally. There was a dire need for business owners to implement a fixed asset register software, and we have a solution. But first, let us learn more about fixed assets.

What are fixed assets?

Fixed assets, also known as capital assets, are a kind of asset that assists the organisation in creating income. It comprises assets such as machinery, vehicles, manufacturing tools and many more. Also, these Fixed assets get purchased for the long term and do not readily get converted into cash.

Challenges in managing fixed assets

To keep your business operations running successfully, you must invest in the best tools and use them effectively. Because, with poor fixed asset management, your employees will get confused, and you will see a decline in their productivity.

This will undoubtedly lead to reduced profits. Hence, it is essential to have a well-organised fixed asset management plan to streamline your business operations. Mentioned below are a few challenges businesses face due to poor fixed-asset management.

  • Massive paperwork: Businesses that employ hand-operated methods to store data find it difficult to keep track of their fixed assets, and they always remain engrossed in a tremendous paper trail.
  • Extended downtime: Poor asset management methods intend not registering fixed assets for routine maintenance. This leads to increased asset downtime and reduced productivity.
  • Discrepant records: Lack of a fixed asset record system builds confusion. Also, employees may enter duplicate data in separate files or even omit some data.
  • Stock inequality: With manual systems, it is tough to track utilization patterns for assets. This can negatively affect demand forecasting and end in inadequate stock levels.

Increase your business’ overall performance with a fixed asset software

Mentioned below are some ways how a fixed asset register software helps you improve your asset management process.

  • Recorded check-ins and checkouts enable stringent vigilance of assets

It is a standard fashion in every business to manually track assets records check-in or checkout. However, if the asset records do not get checked out accurately, there are higher odds of assets getting stolen or lost.

With the help of online fixed asset software, you can effortlessly manage asset check-in and checkout details to manage your assets safely.

  • Barcodes enable businesses to track asset location

Retail businesses administer thousands of fixed assets, and hence it is essential to track the location of these assets. This is why companies use barcode labels to streamline this process. Fixed asset software enables you to generate barcode labels for your fixed assets and keep a close track of your barcodes.

  • Lifecycle management assists in keeping tabs on depreciation

Fixed assets depreciate with time, and with the help of fixed asset management software, you can keep a tab on the asset depreciation.

  • Recurring services help decrease machine downtime

Fixed assets register the software to enable you to schedule future maintenance of your assets to decrease their downtime and keep it running without any glitches.

  • Availability overview of assets limits colliding reservations

Precious capital goods are usually limited, and due to the unavailability of the fixed assets, you may get forced to cancel or suspend business transactions. Fixed asset software allows you access to a calendar and reveals the prevailing status of all your items to avoid last-minute hassles.

  • Regular audits ensure compliance

Asset audit is a fundamental business operation. A fixed asset management software allows you to perform an asset audit regularly to sustain the credibility of your business at all times.

Choose the most competent fixed asset management software for an all-round view of your assets

Fixed assets make a substantial portion of your business’s capital investments, and hence it must get closely monitored.

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