Fund Accounting Software

ANKPAL ensures an organised record of all the funds collected and utilised is maintained. We provide accounting services, so you offer your products and services without a hitch.


Fund Tracking

With ANKPAL, you can maintain a detailed record of the various fund sources on one platform. We help you track where, when, and how you utilised the monetary funds.


Maintain Transparency

Proof of expenses is crucial for any non-profit organisation. Fortunately, ANKPAL provides a detailed report of every transaction you make.


Enhance Customer Services

Trust is pivotal to obtain funds from your clients. Through automatic invoice and receipt services, you will be able to give your clients the best services.


Decrease Unnecessary Costs

Our government fund accounting software set up an inventory tracker to check non-monetary materials and provides predictions that can help with future budget planning.

Achieve Your Goals With ANKPAL

Efficient fund accounting requires unique financial systems tailored to the goals and dreams of non-profit foundations. At ANKPAL, you can design a neat account structure to monitor and approve actions suitable to your organisation.

Accounting for Every Fund

Our investment fund accounting software helps with the processing of securities, commodities, real estate, etc., used in investment funds.

Manage from Anywhere

ANKPAL is a cloud-based software and available on smartphones, laptops and tablets for your convenience.

Adapt to Change

ANKPAL automatically verifies every transaction process to ensure it matches the accounting standards set by the government of India.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Seek Expert Opinion

The dashboard designed for accountants/CAs allows them to interact and guide their clients through their finances.

Trustworthy Invoices

Design your invoices and E-way bills that are IRP approved. You can also set up reminders and schedule invoice generations for future transactions.

Expense Tracking

Organise your finances through ANKPAL according to fund sources and utilisation in projects. You can track all new funds and recurring funds obtained.

Reliable Inventory Management

With ANKPAL, you can manage all monetary and non-monetary funds by maintaining them in records. Monitor the utilisation of all funds and update the information as required.

Receivable Management

Avoid any cash-flow issues by keeping track of all the pending receivables for a timely recovery with ANKPAL and make the recovery process quick.

Predict Future Growth

Through the organised and detailed report generated by ANKPAL, organisations and investors can predict future budget estimates and decide how to utilise funds efficiently.

Compliance for GST Filing

On ANKPAL, you can create a GST profile to link all your transactions and maintain e-bill records.

Accurate Tax Regulation

Our government fund accounting software ensures that all transactions comply with Indian rules and regulations or are corrected immediately.

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