Healthcare accounting software at ANKPAL

ANKPAL aims to relieve the burden that accompanies the accounting for incoming and outgoing funds that all healthcare institutions face with the help of medical accounting software.


Seamless Integration

The accounting software for hospitals can integrate with the patient’s records to generate bills that are visible to the patient.


Tracking Inventory

Through the ANKPAL software, healthcare centres can track the incoming inventory as well as the equipment in use.


Cuts Back Errors

The ANKPAL software specialises in preventing errors and miscalculations that may occur with manual entry of data.


Finance Reports

The institution can use the medical accounting software to generate regular reports regarding the expenses and revenue coming in.

Accounting Made Easy With ANKPAL

The software can create a comprehensive report of not only the tracking of funds but also the performance of the institution. One can view statistics regarding the patients, insurances, and other aspects.

Cloud Accounting Software

The cloud-based accounting software for hospitals makes it easy for a team of accountants to relay information across various systems

Payroll Management

The salaries of all the employees can be computed and calculated automatically after integrating their attendance.


The software is highly encrypted to prevent the leaking of the financial information of an institution.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Specially curated Dashboard

The ANKPAL accounting software dashboard is designed in a manner that houses all financial information in a single region.

Quick and Precise Invoicing

ANKPAL helps you to create paperless receipts and streamlines the process of payment after imparting treatment.

Automatic Record Compilation

The ANKPAL healthcare accounting software allows you to keep a record of all the expenses every month.

Payments and Confirmation

ANKPAL allows you to accept and process payments quickly. It allows patients to make payments through a variety of methods

Specific Inventory Management

The software can track the placement of inventory from the moment of receiving it to the storage to locate it easily.

All-encompassing Accounting Reports

The software can compile financial data in a manner that encourages analysis, making it easy to improve the vulnerable aspects of the business.

Seamless GST filing

The platform can help you to sift through the complexities of GST as it automatically calculates and records the GST payments

Tax Assistance

ANKPAL notifies you about tax compliance and filings so as to receive timely deductibles and benefits.

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