Accounting software for restaurant

Leave the stress of handling your accounts and finances to ANKPAL’s accounting software for restaurants! Now, track and manage your accounts easily, anytime and anywhere you want.


Grow your business

ANKPAL’s accounting software for restaurants allows you to look after every part of the business easily.


Work efficiently

ANKPAL’s restaurant accounting software makes accounting easier and efficient with automated processing.


Prioritize your work

With the best accounting software for the restaurant business, you can focus on serving your hungry diners by taking charge of your entire accounts!


Track your growth

ANKPAL’s restaurant accounting software gives you regular analysis so that you can easily see your growth as well as critical areas.

Hassle-free accounting with ANKPAL

Accounting has never been simpler! Being a cloud-based platform, ANKPAL allows you to access your expenses and inventory records from anywhere and at any time.

Data security

With end-to-end security and data-safety infrastructure, ANKPAL offers you a secure platform that protects your data from a breach.

Easy-to-use software

ANKPAL’s user interface is one of the easiest to navigate. Track your business finances without needing special training.

Suited for Indian businesses

ANKPAL is tailor-made for the Indian business environment, ensuring your transactions and finances are compliant with local regulations.

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Awesome Features of ANKPAL

Accurate generation of e-bills

ANKPAL allows you to generate precise e-bills by streamlining your transactions. It also allows you to schedule, verify, and automate the invoice process.

Track your expenses easily

We help you track every transaction of yours. You can easily handle daily and repeating expenses with the help of software.

Compliances with Indian laws

ANKPAL is an intelligent software that helps you stay compliant with the Indian laws and tax regulations and also makes you aware of them during your accounting process.

An elaborate dashboard

ANKPAL has a specialized dashboard for experienced auditors, accountants, and chartered accounts as well.

Detailed inventory management

Track your inventory progress and status with ANKPAL by having a regular overlook on it digitally with ANKPAL.

Easy GST filing

ANKPAL helps you with checking all the requirements and makes GST filing a relief. You can even create a GST profile with us.

Healthy cash flow

Track all your receivables and ensure timely recovery of them with automated reminders on the unpaid sales invoice.

Regular and accurate reports

ANKPAL provides you with insights and analysis about your business which helps you track your accounting patterns, allowing you to make better decisions.

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